Let's Start With the Name…

First Factory was founded by Jason T. Roff in 2000 (Meet Jason). The idea of having an open, shareable workspace for software engineers to cultivate ideas and excel at major projects was inspired by an Andy Warhol concept. His famous creative spaces, each referred to as, “The Factory,” gave Jason a vision for the perfect work environment.

First Factory soup can illustration that reads, "Old Fashioned Integrity Made With Respect"

Fueled by a love of development and wanting to find the perfect office location, Jason decided to focus on an area that excelled in education and was closer to the US than the offshore business models. This is where Costa Rica came into play.

A country that is proud of its education, Costa Rica boasts an impressive pool of talented developers. After seeing the dedication, passion and drive of its residents interested in software engineering, Jason decided to open the development workspace in Heredia.

Today, First Factory has over 200 developers in Costa Rica, a US location in the heart of NYC and motivated remote employees throughout the country. We are passionate about the work we provide for our clients, and we would be happy to develop a relationship with you.