Aiming to be the Best Place to Work

A group of men playing chess in the office kitchen

Incredible environment

Our office was designed to be an open workspace where every team member is treated equally and enjoys all of our exciting perks. We love it when you show up ready to work and ask questions, and we make sure to make it all worth your while.

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Flexible Schedules

Whether you’re the kind of person who is up before dawn or prefer a later morning, we’ve got you covered. We expect that you’ll get your work done on time and with excellence, so we don’t mind if you come into the office early or log on a little later from home.

A man climbing a rock wall and smiling

Your Health Is Our Priority

We are extremely dedicated to protecting our team’s health. First Factory is proud to offer free private medical and dental insurance for our Costa Rican team members. Family members can also benefit with our discounted group rates.

A man lifted up by several people at a team building event

Long Haul Perks

First Factory offers additional vacation days starting in year three of working with us. We offer regular reviews and pay raises for employees dedicated to growing with the company.

A laptop back with two employees looking at a screen behind it

Keep Learning

Learning is half the job. From the stimulating and dynamic assignments, to complimentary memberships for online learning platforms.

Two male employees wearing baseball hats in front of the nearshore office sign

No Dress Code

We're all developers here. As long as you're clothed, we're cool with your outfit selection.

Female software engineer in front of a laptop and computer monitor

Top Tools

We don’t skimp on technology. We provide top-of-the-line equipment to get the job done right: dual monitors, take-home computers and more!

Costa Rican landscape

Fantastic Location

Enjoy the view from our Costa Rica office, located right next to Plaza Real Cariari, a short walk to many great cafes, restaurants and shopping, as well as major bus stops. We also offer free parking to those who drive to the office.

First Factory custom made valentine's day cards

Happy Holidays

Along with taking time off between Christmas and New Year’s Day, we have several in-office celebrations. From personalized Valentine’s Day cards to Halloween candy after some scary good gallo pinto, we do our best to create a festive environment.

A man playing ping pong

Game On!

Who doesn’t love a great game? Whether you enjoy a round of Playstation or competing in our weekly fútbol matches, there are plenty of opportunities to destress and get to know your team members.

Two employees in front of a fruit basket in the office kitchen

Get Your Chow On

Enjoy some snacks, sodas or beer at discounted prices. We like keeping our team members fed and happy, so we also offer a complimentary weekly team lunch or breakfast.

Male employee sitting in front of a computer and turned to the camera

Paid In USD

Every team member is paid in US dollars. 

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