Meet the Team

Our employees are our greatest competitive advantage. Meet the talented team that makes the magic happen. 

Jason Roff, CEO

In his early career, Jason worked as a developer and development manager. He founded First Factory in 2000 with a nearshore development model that has proven its success for almost two decades. After writing six books and continuing to grow his development team, Jason is still just as approachable as he was in his early years of his career.

Sitting down to have a conversation with Jason is like chatting with a friend you’ve known for years, even if it’s your first time speaking with him. He’s open, honest and genuinely interested in finding out how his company can help your team reach its goals. Jason has an extensive background in the software development field and a passion for the business unlike anyone else. Get to know more about Jason and the First Factory story…

Don Gregori, COO

Don is a creative problem solver and effective leader with 20+ years of experience driving growth, developing talent and shaping customer experiences. During his tenure at Kaplan​, Don was responsible for the user experience, development of the company's custom software applications and ​e​commerce site. It was here that he found and partnered exclusively with First Factory, a relationship that lasted for nearly eight years.

Joining First Factory in 2017, Don was not only drawn to the familiarity of the company but he recognized that the First Factory culture was a clear competitive advantage that could not be replicated. Standardizing processes, identifying efficiencies, focusing on quality customer experiences and identifying key internal influencers have been some of the efforts that contribute to our continued success.

Team members playing ping pong
Four employees standing in front of the nearshore sign
First Factory female team members

Where the Action Happens

New York City buildings

New York City, USA

The Big Apple, Gotham, The City that Never Sleeps, or as some of us at First Factory call it, “First Factory HQ.” It’s a thrilling city, full of non-stop action and interesting characters. Many of First Factory’s clients are located in the greater NYC area, with others spread through the Tri-State region.

Heredia, Costa Rica outdoor town square

Heredia, Costa Rica

Known locally as La Ciudad de las Flores (The City of Flowers), Heredia has moved a long way from its coffee-exporting roots. Nowadays downtown is abuzz with young people attending Universidad Nacional, bohemian cafe goers, and time-crunched high-tech workers. It’s a pleasant place to live and work, and many First Factory team members enjoy calling it home.