Convenience & Talent

Fostering a culture of accountability and investment in education, Costa Rica is the perfect place to find nearshore talent.

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Time Zone

Our Costa Rican office has a timezone just an hour behind EST, and 2 hours behind during Daylight Saving Time. This allows our team to be in constant, real-time communication during your regular business hours. Offshore development offices typically function during hours that your team members would be fast asleep. We want you to be able to reach us when it’s most convenient for you, not when you’re off the clock. Our engineers are happy to be a part of a phone call or video chat, and can respond to emails at times that make sense for your business.

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How often have you visited your developers? The beauty of the nearshore development model is that San Jose is just a quick, 5-hour direct flight from NYC or LAX. We welcome any client who wants to visit our safe and secure Heredia office. Our larger clients regularly send down development teams for a single sprint to work shoulder-to-shoulder with their outsourced team members. Teamwork at its finest.

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Costa Rica is a country rich in educational resources. After disbanding their military in 1948 (source), the country’s leaders redirected funds toward education. Several local colleges and universities in the central valley of Costa Rica provide an excellent education in computer science and engineering, perfect for future software development roles. Check out our helpful infographic for more information about the Education in Costa Rica.

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Our team is completely transparent - you can speak directly to your team members in Costa Rica as needed by video, voice or online chat. You can expect detailed daily status reports addressing what has been accomplished, what is planned and what, if any, impediments there are to progress. The executive team is highly responsive and available to you via the same methods of communication as well.