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We thrive on building software that gets you customers, improves internal processes, and drives market growth.

We do more than fulfill orders, we think from the ground up, leveraging our experience and creativity to solve complicated software and business problems. Our team can bring your ideas to life, drive growth, and help crush deadlines.

Problems we tackle

01 Project Rescue

Turn faltering projects into successes.

Things don’t always go as planned. Short deadlines, contractor delays, and poor vendor performance can put your back against the wall. When that happens we step in. With our years of experience working under strenuous conditions we can put your project on the right footing – fast.

02 Project Maintenance & Expansion

Support and improve an existing project.

Just because your application has launched, doesn’t mean the work is done. From new features to fixing bugs, our experts can take your project to that next level.

03 New Projects

There's a new kid in town.

We’ll partner with you to weigh options, make high-level choices, and think from the ground up to bring your new idea to life. Past projects include enterprise software, GUIs, mobile apps, demos, and even fireworks launching hardware.

04 Resource Crunch

We'll provide you the developers and expertise to get the work done.

Our developers can work as internal members of your team by checking off projects on your to-do-list, leveraging new technology expertise, and otherwise expanding your capabilities. 

05 The Kitchen Sink

Can't find what you're looking for?

Think we might be the right people for the job? Contact us to discuss options.


Top of the Line Development

Whatever your industry or market, great applications are the result of expertise, collaboration, and careful attention to constraints. Our team acts as both developers and business partners, using proven processes to gather requirements, vet ideas, and architect winning solutions. What’s more, everyone of our well-rounded team is an expert in many technologies, so you’re always talking to someone who gets the full picture.

What to expect from the process

Over the course of a decade in business, we’ve developed a rock solid process we trust. We’ve implemented internal processes to ensure each project runs smoothly: on time, on budget, and with jaw-dropping quality.

1. Evaluate – We take a deep look at your business and idea, examining it from every angle. After thorough requirements gathering, we work with you to hash out specifications.

2. Strategize and Plan – Using our specifications, we carefully map out our plan of attack. We break the project down into user stories, which our team uses to estimate production times and assign resources.

3. Build and Iterate – We use the best scrum and agile software practices to quickly and methodically work towards the solution we’ve envisioned. From our daily stand-ups, to our system of having senior developers review all code, everyone on a project works together to ensure the project meets our rigorous standards. Though we’re sticklers for process, we’re far from inflexible. Surprises pop up, and when they do we nimbly adapt our methods.

4. Communicate – We take extra time to keep you informed of the status of your project. Our clients especially love the nightly status reports, which include four sections: work done today, work planned for tomorrow, impediments, and upcoming days off.

5. Delivery – High fives and champagne, what’s not to love?

Have special considerations? No worries. We’re always happy to adapt to the needs and systems of our clients.

Talent augmentation

Having a lot on your plate can be great, particularly for a business. New clients and a list of projects to check off can be signs of healthy growth, but when you don’t have the resources to hire additional employees, growth can turn into a double-edge sword. Talent augmentation can be perfect for just those times when you need to develop extra capacity, but expanding a full-time development staff just isn’t in the cards. Working remotely, our developers can work as members of your team, collaborating to grow your business and turn log jams into wins.


Get an outside perspective. Our team of experienced developers brings in fresh ideas, processes, and ways of approaching problems.

Ditch the cycle of "hire and fire.” Expanding your development staff to only have to let them go months later is a pain many companies have faced. Augmenting your team with First Factory developers can be a less expensive win-win approach for everyone.

Get the help you need – now. It can be tough finding available developers to hire, particularly in today’s markets. Using talent augmentation services can be a great way to get the exert help you need quickly, without the labor and time of bringing a completely new hire up to speed. Augmentation can work as part of a long-term strategy, or as a simple stop-gap measure until you find the perfect hire to join your team.

Tap expertise that is second to none. As a developer-only agency, we provide an environment and process that allow our developers to do outstanding quality work, without many of the constraints in-house developers often face.

Use fewer internal resources. Our developers invest in the success of every project, and excel at delivering superb results under minimal management. Many clients have found that they don’t need to assign a business analyst, delivery manager, or QA specialist to First Factory collaborations – freeing up valuable team members to work on other parts of the business.

Expertise so trusted, Jason wrote the book.

( Actually, he wrote all six.)

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Why we do it

Our expertise is rooted in a deep passion for what we do. From our early days playing with our family’s new Commodore 64, or discovering the joy of building with code as teenagers, we caught the coding bug and never let it go.

We’re still obsessed with all things development, from writing the most jaw-dropping elegant functions to seeing the thrill on our client’s faces when we deliver them software that doesn’t only meet expectations, but far exceeds them.


Q: We’ve outsourced before and had a ton of difficulty with language barriers. How is First Factory different?

Q: A massive code base was handed to us and it’s just a mess. Can you help us?

Q: Will time zones be a problem?

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