Team First Factory

Our story is about so much more than just software.

At First Factory we hire talented self-starters who thrill at the prospect of solving hard problems, enjoy constant learning, and are the type of kind, thoughtful people we love to work with.

I don’t believe in mediocrity or “putting in the time,” and neither does my team. We always bring our A-game and embrace the craftsmen ethos of giving the same attention both to the smallest detail as well as the largest. Each member of our team of top players does their part in helping other team members grow, while providing unparalleled service and attention to our carefully chosen clients.

I’m sharing this with you because great work doesn’t happen by accident. It takes persistence, planning, and a company that encourages the best in everyone while supporting the team both in and outside the workplace.

I believe that what happens outside the office is just as important as what happens inside, which is why at First Factory I encourage the use of flex-time, work-from-home, and other family-friendly policies. From experience I know this helps recharge everyone’s batteries, become better developers, and be all around kick-ass human beings. And it shows! First Factory is consistently ranked as one of the most desirable development agencies to work with in Costa Rica.

So read more below; get a feel for who we are and what we do. And as always, feel free to reach out.

Jason T. Roff
CEO & Founder

The People That Make it Happen


Full Stack Developer

Specialties: Scala, Java, PHP, NoSQL, JavaScript

Fun fact: Always late, but worth it.


Desktop Developer

Specialties: C#, WPF, SQL

Fun Fact: Can't get enough of math and physics.


Full Stack Developer

Specialties: C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL

Fun Fact: Despises the heat, but loves challenges.


Front End Developer

Specialties: ReactJS, AngularJS, PHP, SQL

Fun Fact: Love Hamilton, the musical


Front End Developer

Specialties: JavaScript, AngularJS, C#, SQL

Fun Fact: Please type fun fact here...

Pablo C

Mobile & Front End Developer

Specialties: C#, Xamarin, AngularJS

Fun Fact: Never stops trying to improve.


Desktop Developer

Specialties: C#, SQL, Java

Fun Fact: Loves Friday night boxing.


Full Stack Developer

Specialties: C#, ObjectiveC, SQL

Fun Fact: Has a jukebox for a brain (we're looking into the condition).


Front End Developer

Specialties: C#, AngularJS, PHP, Mobile

Fun Fact: Amateur Guitarist and Led Zeppelin Fan.


Project Manager & Quality Assurance

Specialties: Scrum

Fun Fact: Named her pet mouse Bernando.

Juan Carlos

Front End Developer

Specialties: C#, AngularJS, CSS, HTML

Fun Fact: Can't get enough Pink Floyd.


Fullstack Developer

Specialties: Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, AngularJS

Fun Fact: Currently taking extra courses (knowledge is power after all).


Back End Developer

Specialties: C#, VB.Net, SQL, Javascript

Fun Fact: Has fallen off a bike in every possible way


Full Stack Developer

Specialties: C#, SQL, AngularJS, Python

Fun Fact: Organizer extraordinaire

Pablo H

Fullstack Developer

Specialties: C#, SQL, AngularJS

Fun Fact: "I suck at Mario Brothers."


Fullstack Developer

Specialties: C#, Scala, JQuery, HTML

Fun Fact: Every office needs a cat lover. She's ours.


Office Management

Specialties: Administration, Human Resources

Fun Fact: A warm soul, loves rescuing dogs and playing bridge.


Fullstack Developer

Specialties: C#, Java, SQL, React, Angular

Fun Fact: His video game prowess is known around the office.

Jose Pablo

Fullstack Developer

Specialties: C#, SQL, AngularJS

Fun Fact: Thinks of gaming as an artform.

JP Araya

Backend Java Developer

Specialties: Java, AngularJS, Spring, Meteor

Fun Fact: Cookies rank as his favorite food, followed by hamburgers.


Automated QA

Specialties: Java, AngularJS, SQL, C#

Fun Fact: Lives for LOL and soccer.


Front End Developer

Specialties: JavaScript, AngularJS 2, Nodejs, MongoDB, Cordova

Fun Fact: Wine is his weakness


Full Stack Developer

Specialties: C#, AngularJS, ASP.NET, SQL

Fun Fact: He is the owner of the largest piranhas in Costa Rica.

Jose (Delva)

Fullstack Developer

Specialties: NodeJs, AngularJS, MongoDB, ReactJS

Fun Fact: Club Sport Herediano 'till death.


Manual QA Tester

Specialties: Manual QA Tester

Fun Fact: Loves video games, mountain biking and soccer.

Maria Fernanda


Specialties: Human Resources and People Management

Fun Fact: AC/DC, Ironman and Call of Duty Trifecta.


Full Stack Developer

Specialties: C#, SQL, AngularJS

Fun Fact: Eat, sleep, poker, repeat.


Front End Developer

Specialties: React, JS, Meteor, Node.

Fun Fact: Wondering about what he should eat today <3


Backend Developer

Specialties: C#, Java, SQL, C++, Android

Fun Fact: Loves Singing... not a great singer though :(


Full Stack Developer

Specialties: C#, AngularJS, Java, ReactJS, SQL.

Fun Fact = string.Empty;


Front End Developer

Specialties: JavaScript, SQL, ReactJS, Java

Fun Fact: Always in pursuit of self-improvement.


Full Stack Developer

Specialties: C#, JavaScript, HTML, SQL.

Fun Fact: Likes animals, working out and FIFA.


Backend Java Developer

Specialties: Java, AngularJS, Spring, Meteor

Fun Fact: Dev by day, bass player and motorcycle rider by night.


Full Stack Developer

Specialties: Java, C#, ReactJS, Swift, SQL

Fun Fact: After 4 years of rugby, he still has all his original parts


Full Stack Developer

Specialties: JavaScript, Java, AngularJS 2, C#, SQL

Fun Fact: Secretly a bird.

Jose Pablo (JPM)

Fullstack Developer

Specialties: PHP, Ruby On Rails, AngularJS, C#, Java

Fun Fact: Minecraft Developer.

Don Gregori

Chief Operating Officer

Specialties: Product Ownership, Operational Efficiency, Design Thinking, Public Speaking and Staff Development

Fun Fact: Rode an ATV off a 20 meter ravine in Costa Rica; only injury was a bruised ego.


Back End Developer

Specialties: Java, .Net, SQL, PL/SQL, AngularJS

Fun Fact: Used DOS in '93 to play Doom

4 Fun Facts


Million lines of code in Git written by our developers.


Unique languages, libraries, tools, and platforms utilized in 2015.


Bars on our windows.


Yearly weekend trips to the beach for Christmas.

Jason T. Roff

CEO & Founder

As a manager, leader, developer, and author, Jason brings a host of skills to his client’s projects. Applying his deep knowledge of development, and two decades of management skills, Jason works with his clients to deeply understand the needs and constraints for every project. He is a true believer in keeping lines of communication clear and open, and has molded First Factory to reflect this philosophy.

Jason loves to see the impact First Factory can make on his client’s businesses. This passion has led him to grow First Factory into a team of over 20, working with a diverse range of industries and products.

Before founding First Factory, Jason worked as a developer and development manager. His experience leading remote teams from Eastern Europe taught him how powerful a well-managed offshore team could be, a lesson he took to heart when making the leap to entrepreneurship. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science with Applied Mathematics as well as a M.S in Computer Information Systems. An accomplished author, Jason has written six industry-leading books, including his most recent, “UML: A Beginners Guide.” He is a proud New Yorker, and has called the greater NYC region home, his whole life.

Want to talk with Jason? No problem, he’d love to chat.

It has to be all about the client – what do they need to achieve, what limitations are they operating in, and how can we best serve them with the right solution?

– Jason T. Roff

Where the Action Happens

New York City, USA

The Big Apple, Gotham, The City that Never Sleeps, or as some of us at First Factory call it, “First Factory HQ.” It’s a thrilling city, full of non-stop action and interesting characters. Many of First Factory’s clients are located in the greater NYC area, with others spread through the Tri-State region.

Heredia, Costa Rica

Known locally as La Ciudad de las Flores (The City of Flowers), Heredia has moved a long way from its coffee-exporting roots. Nowadays downtown is abuzz with young people attending Universidad Nacional, bohemian cafe goers, and time-crunched high-tech workers. It’s a pleasant place to live and work, and many First Factory team members enjoy calling it home.