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We’re a nimble team of software developers committed to quality craftsmanship and exemplary customer service.

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How we can help

– Custom Development –

Need a world-class software solution?

No problem! We craft high-quality software solutions that advance your business objectives. Whether starting with bare-bones ideas or complete specifications, we work with you to understand your goals, weigh-options, and determine the right solution for your company. With experience working in diverse fields and technologies, our developers have the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to pull off the trickiest projects.

– Talent Augmentation –

Need extra help? We’re on hand.

Sometimes your team needs an extra hand, but hiring developers isn’t the right business decision. For just these situations, we have you covered. We’re happy to lend you some of our talented developers to round out your team, for however long you need. Working full-time, our developers will collaborate remotely on a day-to-day basis, tackling tricky software problems, helping you finish backlogged projects, and otherwise kicking-butt.

We're pros at...

  • Web Apps
  • Desktop Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Prototypes
  • Minimum Viable Products
  • Backend Systems
  • Internal Tools

Why work with us

Top-of-the-line requirements gathering.

As developers dedicated to our craft and our clients, we’re experts at learning your business inside and out – quickly. This lets us work fast and thoroughly on everything from hashing out specifications to building that new feature that takes a product to the next level.

We're expert communicators.

Hiring an agency shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. We’ve developed a culture of initiative and transparency that takes the stress out of the process. From direct contact with our developers to nightly progress reports, you’re never left in the dark as to where the project stands.

Distributed teams done right.

Our team is based out of New York and Costa Rica. Not only can we offer contracts at non-robber-baron budgets, but we don’t skimp on the expertise in the process – our developers in Costa Rica are true experts. With our Costa Rica office only 1-2 hours behind NYC time, we never have to deal with disruptive time zone issues, ensuring communication is fluid and results spectacular.

Tech help without the hassle.

IT teams can be difficult to manage. As a developer only agency, we’ve created an environment most internal IT teams can only dream of: amazing tools, experienced mentors, and an entire culture built to let developers do what they do best – freeing our clients to do what they do best for their company.

Those Who Trust Us

We’re proud of the work we’ve done for corporations, startups, and non-profits. Here are just a few of the companies that trust and rely on First Factory:

Jason and his team represent the perfect blend of competence and flexibility. I always trust them to come up with a workable solution within a reasonable budget, and to take total responsibility for the results. We've thrown some hairy and varied challenges at them, and they always come through. Get them on your side!

John Reaves, CEO
Learning Worlds

I have relied upon First Factory for my custom development needs since 2003. Their code is efficient, well-written, and best of all, I don't have to worry about dealing with bugs and "anomalies", but then again, Jason did "write the book, that is, all six of them!" First Factory is a true first choice for all my development requirements.

Mark D. Epstein, M.D., F.A.C.S, Owner
Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

After working on a three year long project with First Factory, I can say with confidence that First Factory is dedicated to its work with non-profits, open to new ideas, accommodating, innovative, committed to getting the scope of work done even in the midst of a tight budget and very willing to think out of the box

Amy Valentine, Risk and Quality Management
Planned Parenthood of the North Country New York

Our company out-sources a fair amount of software development. To our benefit, we have a continuing relationship with First Factory and turn to them without hesitation for our Web and Client / Server based projects. First Factory has developed front and back end interfaces for high profile customers of our digital signage and security alert products that are intuitive to use and reliable to deploy.

Jim Altemose, President
DigIt Signage Technologies Corp.