Some common questions from clients.

Q: We’ve outsourced before and had a ton of difficulty with language barriers. How is First Factory different?

A: You’ll never have difficulty communicating with our developers, as every team member speaks fluent English. Costa Rica is also a remarkably stable place, and all our developers are well educated and superbly trained in First Factory methodology.

Q: A massive code base was handed to us and it’s just a mess. Can you help us?

A: Absolutely! We understand how much of a pain disorganized and repetitive code can be – and how much it can hurt your business. We can work with you to re-organize and minimize your code base.

Q: In the past to get good results we’ve had to get very granular with our specifications and manage our outsourced projects closely. It’s been tough. What do you guys do to make this process smoother?

A: Unlike many external teams, we’re comfortable working with minimal oversight. We'll even take the lead developing your specifications.

Q: We feel it’s risky working with outside teams. Do you provide any assurances?

A: We do. Take a look at our testimonials for a glimpse at our past successes, and read our guarantee for new clients.

Q: We need this yesterday. Can you do it?

A: We don’t sweat tight deadlines. Give us a call and let’s see if we can figure something out.

Q: We need very specific skills for this project. Can your team handle it?

A: Probably. There isn’t a technology we’ve encountered yet that we can’t handle. Our developers have deep expertise in tons of different tech, including (for starters): Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, MongoDB, AWS, C#, Silverlight, AWS, .NET, WPF, WinForms, LINQ, and SQL Server.

Q: Will time zones be a problem?

A: Never. Our teams in NYC and Costa Rica are only 1-2 hours apart, depending on the time of year.

Q: You guys are amazing. Your attention to detail and responsiveness blew me away!

A: That’s not really a question, but thank you!