What Our Clients Say

At First Factory, we promise to deliver exceptional work with incredible service. The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority, and we work diligently to make it happen.

They’re always on time, and they’re committed. We get 300 million records of data per week, and First Factory manages that. Their flexibility and project management are the highlights of working with them, especially because you never know what will happen in our industry. First Factory is also great at keeping the team together. In fact, no one has left our team in five years.

Joseph Scrocco, President & CEO


I’d had experience with traditional offshore and they weren’t good. Jason (CEO) introduced me to the near-shore model, which was very relatable to me in terms of the talent he was sourcing from Costa Rica. Their approach is very hands-on. The team that we put together was exceptional in their skill-sets. It changed my impression of outsourcing. Their team is an extension of our team.

Mike Cachine, Chief Technology Officer

International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

Our CEO and a lot of our executive team were pleased with the speed with which we were rolling out new features and functionality. First Factory made sure everything was tested and working well before they released it. As a small company, we sometimes had to make small changes frequently based on issues that arise. Their communication was top-notch. They were fantastic to work with.

Aalok Shah, Chief Technology Officer


This is the first offshore engagement that I’ve been a part of that works extremely well. Our time zones are very compatible and make things easier than if we were working with someone in California. I’m a fan of them being an extension of our workforce. They’ve got developers with good knowledge and communication skills, so I would advise other companies to follow that model, too.

Barbara Porter, Chief Technology Officer